My name is Anna Maria, nice to meet you!

I am Italian living in Eindhoven.
One week after graduating in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome, I moved to The Netherlands and started my adventure abroad.
We lived in 5 different countries and in 3 of them I was a good & happy employee for amazing companies, but after always following my family I decided to start also following my dream ... So when we came back and settled in Eindhoven my AMoL'arte idea started to take shape.


My art work

I always had a great passion for painting and I love putting the wonderful memories of my home town Rome into new colours and forms.

In all these years, I fell in love with my fantastic new (...not so new anymore!) home here in The Netherlands and I enjoy very much trying to translate in my own style the typical Dutch images as well as the places I like the most in this vibrant city of Eindhoven.

I like to experiment all possible combinations, starting with my miniatures (10cm x 10cm) up to amazingly big paintings (probably my favourite) which can reach the size of  2m x 3m.
I never get tired of transforming my new inspirations into beautiful wall decorations, completely handmade on 3D canvas using acrylic paint and finished with a layer of protective varnishing with a slightly glossy effect. 

I love bright, happy colours, even in my grey Eindhoven themed paintings the light is the essential characteristic.

So, if you look for something beautiful to put on your wall or if you have dear friends who are moving away and would like to get them a special memory of their time in the Netherlands or even if you are simply looking for an original greeting card, then you are on the right page!